Time Smiles

Time Goes By

Kids smile 400 times a day on average. Adults only about 20.1 Between 50 and 100 if they are bright minded.2

This is the Voice in Oliver’s head. My kind exists beyond time and space, yet we do understand the concept of time. But time is not made up of seconds. It is made up of special moments.

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About The Man Who Lost The Rest Of His Life

Elegy Of A Psychopath

I feel the need to expand somewhat on my recent tight-lipped closure, find more words for what I feel. Here they come. I hope you can find in them a meaning of own.

When you spend 500 years on an island, you die more than once. So you think you’ve got used to it. You think you’ve got used to attending your own funerals, and listening to jeremiads. But they never fail to surprise you, both the circumstances of your death and the response of the Universe to it…

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Grim Closure

Disconnected From The Divine

The Grim Arrow has closed. Not even 500 years on an island can make a soul bullet-proof. Shit happens. It can’t unhappen.

In search of the Divine, I have found only madness.

Glittering Star Dust (Or how to save your Dragon)

Glittering Star Dust

My name is Oliver Clean, and for the last 500 years, I’ve been stranded on a lonely island. Have you ever spent 500 years alone? No? Coz’ if you had, you’d appreciate what a divine gift togetherness is. And how fragile…

This is a Grim Arrow Special. I’m publishing it ASAP, outside of my usual slot, in the hope I can help two certain knuckleheads before they entirely blow it…

But wait, let me start at the beginning.

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